T-Moms in the House
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Taylor Momsen on the set of Gossip Girl. She looks great!

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    she's beautiful without all the black


    she is so rude, it's unbelievable. plenty of famous people with the same amount of money and looks and fame as her are a lot nicer. she should shut up and realize how frivolous and obnoxious she is.


    i wish i was her, shes too cool for school!! ya man, look at her, she rocks her look! a drugged up, bed-head 30 yr old!
    she stil rocks tho, i {heart} youu t-momsen =)


    It's kind of sad that she smokes ( not pathetic sad but really sad) cause it's even harder to stop when you start when you're a teen. I would know cause i'm 15 and I have stop smoking about 2 months ago and it's the fifth time i'm trying to! She could have been holding a lighter only but since Queen T. says she saw her I just hope she knows what she's doing.


    She smokes. I've seen her. But it's her life and her body


    trie she could be holdig the lighter for someone else and even just waking up she takes perfect pics!


    This is actually the best that she has looked in a long time.


    Stuff Courtney Love, she looks like Dina Lohan!!! That is NOT a promising look!


    does she have hair extensions on?
    does anyone know how to make hair grow faster...???


    Very pretty :)