Taylor Momsen Turns 18!

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Former Gossip Girl cast member Taylor Momsen turns 18 today.

The youngster, always been at the center of controversy, the original Gossip Girl star will not be back as a series regular on the show's upcoming fifth season.

Even if she's happier singing lead with The Pretty Reckless - who are actually pretty good - we are really gonna miss that raccoon this fall. We cannot tell a lie.

Hopefully she'll return at some point. In the meantime, joining us in wishing a very happy 18th birthday to the model, actress and wild rock n' roll singer ...

Taylor Momsen Singing Live
J is Back
Custom Taylored
Bad, Bad Girl
Cute T
Taylor Up Close
Little JH
T-Moms in the House
Oh, Little J
It's J
Little J, Big Dreams
Jenny Humphrey Photo
T-Moms Smokin'!
Lil J Pic
Holy Crap, J
J the Queen
Hoodie But Goodie
Taylor Momsen Hairstyles
Mean Little J
Vixen J
Ed Westwick and Taylor Momsen
Nate and Jenny Together?
Little J Steps Up
Little J No More
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Hm, I could watch Wendy O. Williams sing, or this dumb cluck. Tough choice. Ooooh, she's sooooo "edgy"!

I am xoxo

@ Asht, so, anything to do with u then?

Saturday night living

And I will agree her atitude is unusual and quite reckless, but aren't the best artists unusual?


happy birthday T!!! and i agree with @Asht!!! and @TFV168 your pic is of Taylor so you shouldn't talk!!


Happy birthday!!!
She did a good job as J-Humphrey and can sing really well, but I am not a fan of her real-life attitude ;)


I miss you little J. Thanks god you still part of season 5 . Sucks you'll have less screen time..


Happy birthday Little J.
Good luck with career and everything.
I will miss Jenny in the show.


She brought such good drama to the show. I loved Jenny and I love Taylor ! :) happy birthday


She'e no longer on the show and hasn't been for some time. so why are we wasting precious screen space on this train wreck?


Happy Birthday.

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Tiffany: What is it?
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Tiffany: A Nelly Yuki snuff film?