The Leading Men
Mark, Derek and Owen in "I Saw What I Saw." Who do you think is the hottest? We know, you can't pick the incorrect answer.

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I think all the guys in this picture looks fucken hot except owen and jackson them to look yuck but derek and eric are such hotteys.


*drools* Thank you.


the male version of 'charlies angels'...


McDreamy and McSteamy. Can't go wrong with either. :)


I think Owen is the hottest guy by far. He's a real man! I think he and Cristina will be good for each other. She's a strong woman, she needs a strong man. I'm loving that story line, it's brought me back to the show. They have great chemistry!


Mark and Jackson, in that order. :o)


Is Jackson the one on the right of Owen? Think they are all good lookin except for Owen. He is UGLY. I've never like him. I want Christina to drop Hunt and hook up with Jackson if that is his name. LOL!!! They would be cute together. But she actually needs a cardio doc to fall in love with. And NO I don't wanna see Burk some back. Besides Shonda said in a podcast, it wasn't ever gonna happen. That his story was done and over.


Is that even a question...Mark!!
But, why did he shave again...I like him better with facial hair!!


Marc & Derek


jackson & mark

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Derek: Maybe it's not one doctor. Maybe it's too many doctors who don't know each other and who don't trust each other. When I got to that room, it was chaos, because that's the system now: chaos. That has been the system that's been in place since this merger. Your system. I'm saying you should look again at who is responsible.

In order to get a good diagnosis, doctors have to constantly change their perspective. We start by getting the patient's point of view, though they often don't have a clue what's going on. So we look at the patient from every possible angle. We rule things out. We uncover new information, trying to get to what's actually wrong. We're asked for second opinions, hoping we'll see something others might have missed. For the patient, a fresh perspective can mean the difference between living and dying. For the doctor, it can mean picking that you're picking a fight with everyone who got there before you.

Meredith (narrating)