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  Song Artist Heard On
Battleme-burn-this-town Burn This Town Battleme iTunes
Paul-brady-and-the-forest-rangers-gimme-shelter Gimme Shelter Paul Brady & the Forest Rangers iTunes
Pat-james-let-me-live-long-enough Let Me Live Long Enough Pat James iTunes
Pat-james-city-lights City Lights Pat James iTunes
Song Just Fillin' In Pat James iTunes
Song Freeze and Pixiliate Monster Magnet
Don-caballero-railroad-cancellation Railroad Cancellation Don Caballero iTunes
Tape-deck-mountain-ghost-colony Ghost Colony Tape Deck Mountain iTunes
Song Casa Di Legno Bachi da Pietra
Song Burn This Town Matt / Lions
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Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Quotes

"You pay or you go away. Your choice, Adolph. Welcome to Charming"

Clay [to Zobelle]

What those animals did was to hurt Clay, Jax. Anyone finds it out, they win. I can't let that happen.


Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Music

  Song Artist
Song Tell Me The Peak Show
Mary-1 Mary Patty Griffin iTunes
Five-horse-johnson-fly-back-home Fly Back Home Five Horse Johnson iTunes
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