Winter Calls
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Winter Calls Lyrics

Winter calls when I'm alone and at the end of the day
Like any fool who'd been the owner to a pretty face
Now time, it separates us to a different place
I'd be all right if I could only stop thinking

And if I'm happy 'cause you say you are, I'd be lying
And if I said I was a man that don't need anyone at all

Then I know I was wrong

But don't leave me out in the cold
Foolishly shaking my bones
If you don't want my heart, let me know
I get lonely when winter calls

Winter calls the start of June until the end of May
'Cause any rule I've ever had, I've always had to break
I find I sit around trying to compensate
I feel all right at times, but only when I'm drinking

And yes it hurts to know that I am not your obligation
But I don't want to spend a lifetime waiting

And if I'm happy 'cause you say you are, I'd be lying
And every time I close my eyes I'm hearing warning sirens
The thought of you in someone else's arms and I feel violent
And if I said I was a man, then maybe I was fool
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