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Dink comes to Sam to ask for Maya's hand in marriage.

Naomi is still having trouble dealing with the situation, so she steers clear of a meeting with Dink’s mom Corinne (Rosanna Arquette).

Corinne offers up her guest house as a place for the kids to live. She seems to be behind the idea of marriage ... or at least open to it.

Sam decides to drown his sorrows. But when Pete and Cooper ditch him for various reasons, he ends up getting drunk solo.

He pops by Addison’s place for a nightcap that ends with a passionate kiss. Addison pulls away because Sam is drunk.

The next day Addison and Sam try to analyze the kiss in her office. That just leads to more kissing. Well, almost. Sheldon knocks on the door.

The good news is that Sheldon has managed to reel in Naomi for a discussion about the Maya situation. But Naomi is still a mess.

Sam says that when he meets with Corinne again, he’s going to have to start making some decisions for the both of them.

Addison tries to talk to Naomi and subtly broaches the subject of her and Sam as a couple. This completely cracks up Naomi.

Naomi does end up meeting with Sam, Corinne and the kids. But she arrives a little late. Sam's decision has already been made.

He signed the consent form allowing Dink and Maya to marry. Dink’s real name is Fillmore.

Naomi is still a wreck, but a chat with Violet seems to help.

Meanwhile, Addison and Cooper are dealing with a couple who had a baby to use the infant’s blood to save their twin daughters who have leukemia.

The problem is the cell volume is low, so there’s only enough blood to save one of the eight-year-old girls.

To complicate matters, neither parent wants to see their new baby boy.

The impossible decision is made for the parents when we find out that Nicki is too sick to receive the treatment. Kelly doesn’t want the blood if Nicki can’t have it, too. But Nicki knows that her sister has a chance to live. She wants her to take it.

But the tears really start flowing once Nicki’s mom brings in the baby so she can spend some time with her little brother.

At the end, Sam visits Addison at her place once again. He wants to take their relationship to the next level.

As much as she wants him, Addison was stung by Naomi. She pushes him away and tells him she's sorry.

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Is the girl who plays Naomi Bennetts Daughter, Maya, any relation to the actress Audra McDonald who plays her mother? If not, the casting director did an amazing job at finding a girl who looks like she is the natural daughter of Naomi. Plus, what is the name of the actress that plays Maya?


Renee was played by Jennifer Hall.


who played the father of the twins on this episode its killing me


who plays the father of the twins? what other show is he in?


Why isn't there any information listed for the actress Renee? I can't believe how much she looks like Tracey Gold.


The song was Hesitate by Steve Moakler ...


Does anyone know the song that was playing for Addison and Sam??


I too was trying to figure out who played 'Renee' in this episode and it is indeed Jennifer Hall. She played the donkey-riding gal in the HOUSE episode from Season 4 "It's a Wonderful Lie" when she comes to the clinic with a strange rash and House thinks she's a hooker because of the St. Christopher medallian she's wearing around her neck. She comes back once or twice more and eventually invites him to see her "xmas show." Last scene is at the church where kids are performing the traditional Xmas manger scene and she comes out riding on a donkey, playing 'Mary.'


Who are they names of the twin girls?


Boring episode. too much focus on Maya and Dink again. Two relatively new characters taking over most of the show.
Charlotte rocks! We need more Charlotte! Cooper is an ass!

Private Practice Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Addison: You're drunk.
Sam: I'm not that drunk.

[to Addison] First you sleep with your husband's best friend, then you sleep with your best friend's husband. You would be the worst person ever!