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    Ravenswood got off to a confusing start for a lot of viewers. Did the winter premiere clarify things for viewers?
  • An Ominous Discovery
  • An Ominous Discovery
  • An Ominous Discovery
  • An Ominous Discovery
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Grade Ravenswood Season 1.

Now that the Ravenswood season finale has aired, tell us what you think!

Do You Trust Creepy Collins?

Ray Collins is the creepy undertaker and also Miranda's uncle on Ravenswood. While he started out as a possible villain, it turns out...

Is Collins Protecting The Teens From Something Worse?

Is Creepy Collins and his hair jars doing more good or harm when it comes to the supernatural forces in Ravenswood? It seems whenever...

Is Ravenswood Going To Kill Off Another Character?

The previews for next week's Ravenswood show that Remy's health is in serious danger. Do you think they would kill off another...

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