Who should Blair be with on Gossip Girl?

Gossip Girl Season 5 Cast
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people!where the fuck did they found DAIR? The only man for Blair is Chuck! Even if Blair said she ain't inlove with Chuck, she LIED!! You all who choose DAIR, you pretend to be a fan of Gossip Girl but you don't know about the story,
It's open-and-shut BLAIR LOVES CHUCK and it's mutual!B is just afraid because real love is dangerous, they had chemstry, that's why we called it love
Dair is a joke, it's a nature error! thanks God, they'll never be together


Nothing was more boring than Dair or as I like to call them BAN. They were so lame and they had zero chemistry. I'm so glad they are over with and Blair picked Chuck. Ed and Leighton have more chemistry in one look than Penn and Leighton have in each vomit inducing sex scene. Man Penn sure likes to eat her face. EWW. Thank god it's over.


Chuck is so boring! and Chair is very boring! Chair same same all the time!!!


Blair needs to end up with Chuck, they are absolutly perfect for each other and Dair is ten kinds of boring. Chuck and Blair are the best part of GG.


Blair and Chuck will always end up together. They belong together. Dan was just a nothing real fling that was sooo boring to watch. Once Blair gets over her fear and truly accepts what she knows in her heart to be true, she and Chuck will be together. Engaged maybe?




what don't dair fans understand! do you even remember why she didn't want to be with chuck at first! when he got in an accident she could not bare the thoughts of losing him! she has always been afraid of losing him. with dan, he is a SAFE choice. Chuck isn't. she's always afraid she will lose him because he dies or they'll break up. with dan she doesn't worry as much because she does not care for him in the extent she cares for chuck. if anything in the promos she wasn't upset the way she was when she lost chuck, she wanted to get EVEN with serena. to conclude dan's simply the safe choice. her LOVE with always be for Chuck.


Actually @lollie Blair never told Dan that he had her heart. She just said that Chuck no longer did. Plus she equivocated when she said she wasn't in love with Chuck. She said "But that doesn't mean I'm in love with you. At least not now. Not the way you deserve." Blair isn't with Chuck because she's scared to be with the man she truly loves (go back and watch 5x13. Serena basically said this.) She's with Dan because he can't hurt her the way Chuck can because Dan cares for HER more than she cares for him. How anyone that loves Dan could possibly want him with Blair is beyond me. She'll NEVER care for Dan with the depth and devotion she LOVES Chuck. It's obvious she's going to pick Chuck because he's the guy she'll always love. Any other guy will just be a substitute.


Dair is boring


Obviously she picks Dan. Was I the only one who saw the ep. where Blair tells Chuck she's not in love with him. Then she went looking for Dan and told him that he has her heart. If she wanted to be with Chuck she would have already been with him.