Who should Blair be with on Gossip Girl?

Gossip Girl Season 5 Cast
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Dan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dan ofcource!!!


@steph and lola..you guys think you are so mature but yet your degrading to chair fans making assumptions that will will delte our cookies and vote till our nails fall out so ridiculous...you guys are no different than chair shipers, still fighting for your ship. whatever waste of time.


she should choose chuck! but she is soo lost that who knows..but def chuck!


chuck all the way!!!!!!!!!!!


Why is this even being debated? Chuck, of course!


Well chuck... who else? CHUCK AND BLAIR FOREVER. Ban disgust me. everytime i see them i just wanna puke!!!


Duh... CHUCK!


Chuck :D
He is THE love of her life :)


Blair is Chuck's soulmate and she should always choose Chuck. He is her soulmate. Clair is Dan's soulmate. True loves never dies and you never give up on it either. Hopefully, there will be a ring on Blair's finger in the finale courtesy of Chuck and Harry Winston.