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KATHERINE THE BITCH IS BACK!!!! well i got to say it is a really good act for nina dobrev to act as katherine,it is very obvious dat everyone know it is katherine,plus love the new hunter,he is so hot!! i'm turn on by him!overall the storyline is very confusing!!so many speculation

Revenge Review: 'Til Death Do Us Part

BITCH just died,so simple but dat prove do not mess with VICTORIA the queen of all bitch! i think the next character is goin die is amanda!!she so lame and stupid!!

90210 Review: Who's the Psycho Skank Now?

seriously i din even notice navid is missing from the episode,ha i dun give a DAMN bout him!!screw him!!!and dixon hate him!!with all his stupid recording and rita ora performance sucks!!!!!!DIXON SUCKS!!!!!!!JUST HATE HIM!!! love adrianna and the new hot BIKER BOY!!biker boy is so cute!and dat freak ashley bitch security,just wish she gt shot!nt annie.

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