hi i am the biggest pll fan and glee but i actually cant wait to find out who a is or-a  is i believe a is the least expected person so watch out favourite quotes `ali : shy in the streets , sexy in the sheets , A- the game has just begun xoxo
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The twin theory (Spoilers)

they have confirmed a twin thing last week but its not like the book with courtney dead and all that they also wouldnt of led ujs to jenna and garett i think a is the cop something is very off about him or might have something to do with it and the jason,lucas,melissa,ian suspicion is the fact that in the bell tower he said im doing this because i love your sisiter so maybe mellisa killed ali because she saw him with ian and ian married her as blackmail because mellisa knows a lot more she knows something big i think .....

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fashion show episode

ok thanks

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jaon made the spiying films ep 1x22 (Spoilers)

jason* sorry

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