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Nina Dobrev was amazing in this episode. I always liked Jeremy's character and I will miss him. I like how they burned the house to show Elena's old life was over and gone with Jeremy's death. Bonnie was talking to Silas, not Shane, because Matt didn't see anyone when he dropped Bonnie off; he was just there suddenly. Great episode.


@Rachel I was wondering about the ring too, or did it stop working for him when he became one of The Five since that would make him a supernatural being? Like it wouldn't work for Elena even when she was human because she was the doppelganger?


@ fayeolivia I think you're right; then they can always revamp Damon later. Plus it will cause Stefan to realize how much his brother means to him, and Damon can still be on the show communicating through Jeremy until they bring him back to life.

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