arquitecture student ,loves GG since S1, fav characters: andy mcnally ,RB. fav ep: inglorious basstards
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Revenge Review: She'll Handle It

if victoria wouldnt say anything about jack to emily aiden could just get away with it

Revenge Review: Forgive Me Father

i loveeed this episode!!
is hard with this hot men to choose ,with every situation and episode the interaction change, jack is the obvious endgame because of their history but he is hurt,he is very judgy too, with her everything has a hiden agenda for him,i loved see him with magaux ,i like them together and she could help him heal.aiden is so bad lying to victoria ,haha thats were i knew his meanside was stage ,and the final scene with em and the beach and that bulletwound,left a possibility . daniel changed again,he is a scare of aiden ,hahaha,he should be,i like he let emily go after his mother and at the end,"let go babe",hahaha.i dont think anymore he has a change to come out clean after she is done ,and patrick is still a mistery,hot posible beu of nolan ,who gave the best housewarming party,swans,lots of hot gay men,drama ,and white ,wonder there that topic is going.

Revenge Review: The Best Laid Plans

..make her face more severe consequences, but he doesn't do it, probably because it would be too boring for us to watch her without difficulties in the last of one of the last seasons of revenge ,before they get out of good ideas.

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BLOOPPERS SEASON 4 :)))) (Spoilers)

Is it just me or Blake has become really boring and " serious". Everyone else looks like they do have fun doing gg
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Spoiler from Writers re: Dan (Spoilers)

J—Tati.... Agree with u , thank god there is someone else above ss and company wanting to fix it,..... Btw Vanessa would never help Blair or even Dan to get together , she said it , much less helping Serena .... So what ever she did is not positive for Dan .
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Ausiello Spoiler (Spoilers)

A priest for Blair or the hot assistant for s ? Have some one realize s&b are the only offical girls in the show ? Charlie ? Not that important to hve a spoiler on her own,
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