linda piper

I'm old.63 to be precise.My "spirit" keeps telling me I'm still in my twenties,the body proves I'm not.I'm married to a man almost 6 years younger than I.We met on an archaological dig. Have a married daughter and we are currently owned by 3 cats.

I LIKE:- Opera,ballet,Led Zeppelin,Gregorian Chant, in fact almost every genre of music.Except Stockhausen.!

             Love reading, again just about every genre.For instance, Sunday just past I finally finished reading Le Morte d'Arthur and have begun to read  a crime novel by Val McDermid.Amongst others I,ve read almost all Kathy Reichs Temperance Brennan novels,The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings Trilogy,the latter,after reading I wondered what all the fuss was about.On my shelves are Sun Tzu,the James Bond books,Winnie The Pooh and so on.Varied isn't it?

      I love photography.Most of my photos are of flowers as they tend not to wander off or scratch when you ty to take a pcture.Most other photos are of our cats.

T.V. progs i like are American Crime Dramas,historical documetaries and my guilty pleasure is Gossip Girl.

C'est moi! Oh yes, and I'm "eccentric" and a lateral thinker.

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New Agent ,Fine. Jennifer Love Hewitt? Well, let's give her a chance. What always worries me when new faces come into established series, is the amount of time the stories revolve, almost exclusively, round this new person. The aim of course is to establish the who and what of them but......there is always a sense that regulars become sidelined for several episodes.At times one wonders if the regulars "still work there."But if Ms. Love Hewitt becomes storycentric to episode upon epidode upon episode, no matter how good she may be, I'm afraid I may very well lose interest in the series as a whole.Not when regulars become supporting acts.


I,m totally underwhelmed by the news.Seems to me studios and "they who must be obeyed" just like tinkering.What they forget is, that sometimes when a thing is tinkered with,it can't be put back together,and never works right again. Anyway, do studio "suits" ever bother listening to fans?


At last I can breathe again and stop chewing my fingernails down to the quick.Please scriptwriters don't become complacent about how good this show is.You have a fantastically talented group of actors in NCIS and equally talented writers,working together this next series could be awesome!So,no resting on laurels,anyone.Good strong story-lines for all giving deeper insights into the characters "being."Good Luck everyone and safe harbour at the end of the voyage.Love.