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Even though I'm ALL FOR DELENA, but I was considering, has anyone thought that Matt and Caroline might end up back together, and that might be the epic kiss? :/ I personally ship Catt rather than Forwood, but I know there are a lot of fans that miss Catt! And I think that it will be epic if there is a kiss between them :) otherwise, I'm all for Delena! And I think that the person that leaves is going to be Tyler, because, if you have watched promos, it seems that Tyler is siding with Klaus (SIGH!) again, so maybe Damon does something that causes him to leave.

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Adam & Cassie or Cassie & Jake

From the beginning, I was shipping Adam and Diana... they are so cute together, and you can really tell that they both love each other. I LOVE the relationship between Jake and Cassie and I think their chemistry is very strong! So, for me, if Cassie ends up with Jake (which I desperately hope she does), it works out, because everyone would be happy! It's just that Adam needs to figure out some stuff between him and Cassie, and win Diana back!

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