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They have showed 2 other episodes.


They should have shown more concern for Fong. But as someone stated, maybe because of the case they will feel it later. If Kono and Adam have a strong bond, then Fong will have to watch from afar.
Nice to see Danny with Gabby. Hope it doesn't move to fast. Danny's ex should also be back in it and Gracie should have some problems. Chin and Leiani was a good thing him calling her. That also should move slow, but more then it has. He should think back still to Malia.


The previews said that the 4 would become 3. I bet like me you thought, "No they can't kill one off!" But if Kono is pregnant, they probably will keep her "Over Seas" for a few months. We will probably hear that Micheal's men will be after them. Maybe have the crime rate by the Yakaza go up with the unrest in leadership. Kono's pregnancy could be written into the story as her and Adam are close. But as "Numb3rs" and "The Mentalist" to name 2 tried to hide the fact of pregnancy with them always working behind a desk or wall, or computer, eventually you can tell. Another I bet not popular idea as her "temp replacement" is to bring back Lori Weston. But with her on "Chicago Fire" It won't happen. Maybe Duke can move up like he did on the original series.