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I liked Emily meeting Beckett - the way Emily looked at her, and asking if she ever played fairy princess with him, and Kate says "yes, sometimes."
That's something for the imagination :)

Castle Review: What's Their Song?

You're so right about all that. And the characters interactions......the fast pace...... at the end I went back and watched it through again, and even knowing the ending, and picking up on litttle things I missed the first time, it was still over so quickly. As long as you didn't dwell on the whole staging-the-stunts part, it was great.

Castle Review: I HATE the Dress!

My feeling with the dress is that it looks somewhat unfinished. The blue is beautiful on Kate and the shape shows off her physique, but the white tulle is too big a contrast. If the see through fabric of the arms also covered the white of the skirt it would look complete.