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The 100 defends it's top spot among young adult shows yet again. The cynic in me is a little annoyed that ALL of the regulars survived a missile strike.. but hey, I'm willing to suspend my disbelief once more because I actually like most them. Especially Indra. Though she's pushing it.. what does it take to kill that women? :) Kane stayed very rue to his character this week. Opening Abby's eyes to her hypocritical judgement of Clark and all, thus he continues to be my favorite.

The Flash Season 1 Episode 14 Review: Fallout

Yeah, that Reverse Flash suit.. not my cup of tea either. What I would like to know is how fast/slow Barry will be next episode. The writers certainly don't. There is no progression of his powers. The graph looks more like a roller coaster. One scene he moves fast enough, time stands almost still for everyone else, the next he gets surprised by a grenade that takes seconds to go off? Its all inconsequential in the end, I know, suspension of disbelief and all that, but they could at least be consistent within the same episode.


This was a good episode. The best parts were in the last 5 minutes, but I can't say the rest wasn't entertaining. Nick placing the water-rifle in the closet with all the medieval weapons was funny,
and who did not like Adalind getting her butt kicked by Juliette. I'm glad she finally reveled herself to Nick. We'll have to go to through a Nick-in-denial-trying-to-fix-it-episode or two but I believe he will eventually accept Juliette's new form. Honestly her being wesen makes the whole show a lot more interesting. They stuck with the damsel in distress plot lines for Juliette far to long anyway. Ladies and gentlemen - introducing Juliette Silverton! Veterinarian by day, Hexenbiest by night. Kicking wesen butt left and right, throwing knives and taking names.
Get ready for some action!

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