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The Strain Review: Shedding Parts

I agree with most of what you wrote. The episode was my favorite as well. Eichhorst might just have more control over his urges then his younger siblings. I don't think he is free of them. Oh and how great is it to have a German actor playing a German? Having the language and accent not butchered on American TV is a nice touch. Vasiliys info dump about the building had two purposes:
1) Sticking it to the jerk. Vasiliy told him to the face that the smart deal he made on the place was actually him getting duped because the previous owners knew about the rat problem.
2) To make the follow up scene more dramatic. The rats are fleeing from something... either from the general vampire presence or a more immediate vampire threat. Maybe there is one in the building. Bolivar.. Bolivar.. Bolivar.... how awesome was that reveal! I kind of hoped he would transform on stage or something alike but this was cool too. What is interesting is how he seems to accept the changes, consciously.
The only bad thing I take away from this is the sound I now have tied to genitals popping off in my head..

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The Last Ship Review: Panic Sets In

I guess they just had to make Kara just as stupid as Danny. He risked the whole ship for her after all.. lets repay the favor! That wasn't just silly! Her behavior was outright criminal neglect. Moving between sections during a bh-lockdown? Might as well pass the virus around in syringes. Chandler was as lenient as it goes here. I liked them coming clear with the crew. There was no question that they would but the writers did a descent job getting us there. A little thing that bugged me:
Where did they get the Plexiglas monkey cages? A bigger thing that bugged me:
The two ton cheese-ball that was the reenlist scene.
I have no problem with the concept but did they have to make it so cliched? We have seen the "surprising reveal of soldiers stepping up and doing the right thing in front of the humbled CO" done to death.

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Falling Skies Review: Metamorphosis

"Hey writers, we knew about Ben being a love-sick-guilt-ridden puppy. There was no need to bang us over the head with it. Then again, you gave us a Sarah Carter bra-scene.. errr.... still unnecessary." But what is this? Anne getting real character development? She is still psycho-mom, don't get me wrong but this I can at least work with. Even lodes formed a sentence or two this episode I didn't have to cringe at. One could almost think the show is getting back on track! Whats bugging me is that the whole Lexi storyline just isn't anything original. Unless the writers throw us a really good curve ball this has been done and done better. Over all when thinking back on what a pacing nightmare this season has been so far I'm happy with the episode.

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