Did she say anything along the lines of, like, "Sorry, I didn't mean to beat up folks I never met before"?


If you start breaking the law to enforce it you cross the street to their side.


But you told us that you busted that guy then Aunt Erin let him go.


There comes a time to rule by fear and not by the book.


With all due respect I can't work a homicide in tap shoes.


I was gonna mail these back to your brides, but I see you got enough trouble waiting for you on the other side.


Which one of you has the lowest standards, because I am here.


Steve: Promise me one thing buddy.
Danny: What?
Steve:Gracie will get her college degree online.
Steve: Why would you even say her name here?

Bo: We're sisters. We're in each others lives for good.
Kenzi: Hell, I couldn't even keep you out of my afterlife.

That's the thing with the fae, it's never over.


It's important to let the light in, Bo. Sometimes that's all it takes to keep the evil at bay.


At least you weren't getting freaky with a decorative pillow.