Alex: You promised me an alliance; an army, but all I see as I look around is a scared city preparing for a siege.
Julian: Well Alex you know, I'm gonna prepare my city first.
Alex: What about Vega? You sent my message, did you hear anything back?
Julian: No, it's going to take at least a week for our trucks to cross the wasteland.
Alex: When we walked into this city, there were five trucks out front. There are still five there.

Marc: Man the point is, why would April ever go for a man like me? I got nothing.
Harry: Come on mate, you've got plenty.

I am not going down for this because you're too stupid to keep your mouth shut!

Calista [to Joss]

Joss: Hey, you're not allowed to be more scared than me.
April: I can't help it. You're my family, Joss. I love you.
Joss: Oh, honey. I love you, too.

Karen: What did Luca do?
Joss: He died.

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Ya'll are pathetic. Predictable and pathetic.

April [to Marc]

Well, we can't ignore Duncan Moore. He's dumb as a bag of hammers but he's also got step-daddy issues.


You don't take volunteers on a sinking ship Paul.


So you like it rough?


Jesus Christ Guy, I'm gonna get you a bicycle. I promise. I always keep my promises.


You look you're going to the Grammys or something. These are swamp people. You know that right? Like cray.


Traci: I think Steve's nice.
Gail: No he's not, he's just on his best behavior because you're really good looking.