John: If you need to disappear, best place to do it is here.
Zed: All the protections you've used, they're not enough. He'll never stop searching for me.
John: You're yet to flinch in the face of the underworld. Why are you so afraid of a man from this one?
Zed: Because he's my father.

Oh, my God! It's my chiropractor!


I don't know what you are. But you're no Aswang.


Wu: And by "ready," you mean "off the deep end"?
Hank: There is no shallow end in this pool.

Hank: Want to get a couple of things clear first.
Wu: "First"? There's a second?

Hey! This was fun, thanks for the food. Oh and I broke up with Davis because I still love you. Goodnight!

Annabeth [to Lavon]

Oh my God, I'm thisclose to people calling me Crazy Wade!


He loves you, you love him. Isn't that what you serenaded Meatball about?

Brick [to Zoe]

C'mon Lavon, I've seen you in tights plenty of times.


You love him. He loves you. There has to be some way to figure things out. Just don't close the door is all I'm saying.

Lavon [to Zoe]

You are not a journalist. You write a blog about a town roughly the size of Sesame Street.

Lemon [to Dash]

Zoe: I am a capable person. I can handle this, just like I handled childhood, college, medical school.
George: Exactly.
Zoe: On my own.