Central to Officer 73199. Officer 73199, no response. Officer 73199, Alec Flynn, is End of Watch. He has gone home for the final time.


Annie: What make us so great is what makes this difficult. Our jobs are risky and people i've loved have died doing this work.
McQuaid: You can do this job and die and not do this job and die.
Annie: I don't wanna lose you.
McQuaid: Then don't.

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I took care of it baby.


Annie: It's not about satisfaction.
Belenko: Then what's it about?
Annie: Revenge. The Russians gave you up. Now you can hurt. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Belenko: Thank you, friend.

McQuaid: If we ever get out of this, how about we get married?
Annie: Seriously?
McQuaid: Absolutely.

I got an idea.


Mustard, I said. Everyone understands me except for you!


If you're afraid of failure, then you're gonna shoot for mediocrity every time.


It was an orgasm victory to win against Marcus.


You have to see the boy.


You’re free. You’re free.


I hope Santa puts some Thorazine in Ludo's stocking.

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