Oh no, do not lump me in with this bullcorn. Ghosts are real. Just like warlocks and doolas. I am on the fence about chupacabras, not saying they're real, not saying they're not. They're real.

You had Jane plan you a backup wedding in an underground bunker just in case North Korea quote grew a pair, but you never thought of who's gonna walk you down the aisle?

Alex: You gave me a serious addiction to candy cigarettes.
Jane: You broke my Bob Dole action figure.

Penny: Davey what's the name of that movie about the horse that goes to the war?
Alex: Uhh War Biscuit, Duh.

Dave's been playing a lot of guitar lately. Some would say too much. I would say too much.

Well you know what they say, it's not a good gang hang until someone takes a major shot to the face.

Alex: You always said you looked great in a one piece.
Dave: I just don't understand why they're not acceptable to men anymore.

I get the P shaped sandwiches for Penny and Pete, but what is with the lower case b's?

You guys realize that we are just prawns in his game. Little shrimp swimming around and waiting to be eaten by a big shark named Max.

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