Daniel: Are you crying?
Alexis: I'm a girl, I'm allowed to now

Alexis [whispers to Wilhelmina]: I'm not wearing a bra
Wilhelmina: power move

Wilhelmina: Someone has to teach you how to be a woman again..
Alexis: It's so frustrating.. it's like I finally got the sports car I always wanted but I forgot how to drive the stick.. only in this case it's automatic

Hey I'm not picky, up until yesterday i was eating out of a tube

Hitman: ...because once you get off this elevator you'll never see me again
[Alexis is about to get off elevator and sees Daniel and Jordan kissing, gets back on]
Alexis: Okay, I don't see you again after the lobby

Jordan: Hello Alex.
Alexis: Jordan.
Jordan: You look different. New haircut?

Daniel: You're not the only one in charge.
Alexis: I'm the only one in charge whose pupils aren't the size of quarters.

Rodrigo: We need to celebrate, pour some more champagne. I'll light some candles and run us a bath
Alexis: Cheesy, but it works

Rodrigo: So why wouldn't you want to go to Brazil with me?
Alexis: For one, I have sideburns and a mustache in my passport photo

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