Alicia: I have issues on this front. Husbands who screw around, who lie, who leave me in tears.
Lucca: You're not in tears now.

Oh my God! My family needs a full time investigator. That's not normal, is it?

Sex is a good replacement for tequila.

I was going to break this bottle if I couldn't get the cork out.

Eli: So the 27th floor again. Everything comes full circle.
Alicia: Yes first the tragedy, then the farce.

Alicia: How do you keep your beard that length. I mean at a certain point you're either clean shaven or you're Abraham Lincoln.
Jason: No, it stays like this, since birth.

Was it all about having two kids who I don't even know if I like anymore and then shoving them off to be someone important? Seriously, was that the point? I just, I hurt. I want it over. I just want it to end.

Judge: Are you out of your tiny, little mind Mrs. Florrick?
Alicia: You don't need to say little when you say tiny, one or the other will do.

It's odd that someone could be so good yet think things so bad.

Alicia: You're telling me, when I sleep with Jason, you'd rather I kept it private.?
Eli: You're joking right?

Alicia: Anyone who knows me will smell the bull crap a mile away.
Ruth: Yes, but it's Iowa. All they smell is bull crap.

I have no words. No, you can keep talking but I have no words for this.

Good Wife Quotes

Alicia: Were you wanting me to cry, Mr. Canning? Oh my God, (fake sob) I thought my husband no longer cheated.
Louis Canning: Wow. God, I love you.
Alicia: I know.

Maybe he can find other ways of facilitating the killing of Jews.

David Lee