You can control what I do at home, but not what I do at school.

No one else matters as long as we have each other.

You have no idea who I am anymore!

Debbie: Jasper is odd.
Annie: You don't even know him.

Annie: You're not gonna tell any stupid jokes during dinner, right?
Harry: When you say stupid, you mean hilarious, right?

Annie: Your girlfriend faked a miscarriage. Sounds like a real winner.
Dixon: Go to Hell.

I want my first time to be with you.

Annie: I love you.
Jasper: That's not your line.
Annie: I know.

Jasper: Promise when you're a big movie star, you won't forget about me.
Annie: I'll need someone to get me coffee.

Navid: I'm worried about you.
Annie: Don't be.

It's kind of funny. Everyone you loved ends up loving me more. First, Ethan. Now, Liam. Who's gonna be next?

I'm innocent and she's a bitch. I'm gonna expose her for what she is.


It's not a mom and dad who are home eating bon bons. It's a couple who's f%$k!

Rob Estes

I am not the kind of girl who can wait until Christmas morning to unwrap her present.