If you don't tell Naomi the truth, she's gonna ruin me.

Annie: Screw you, Dixon!
Dixon: Screw you, too, Annie.

Screw you, Naomi! Screw all of you!

Does it ever occur to you that maybe it's not an act? That maybe I'm a nice person?

Harry: What about the Principal Boxer Shorts nickname?
Annie: You should have worn a robe.
Harry: In my own bedroom?

Annie: Why don't you just ask him for an explanation?
Naomi: Oh my God! I love living with you!

Dixon: You have the worst taste in music.
Annie: Shut up! I am your Mango!

If we're not together, and we break up... then I have to accept everything that I've done... I've been a jerk.

Annie: Why is life so full of challenges?
Harry: Because it's life.

You would make an excellent Egyptian slave boy. I'd send for you in my chamber.

Annie: [Is this skirt] too short?
Silver: Let's just say you're gonna need two hairdos for that outfit.

Ethan: Hey, girlfriend?
Annie: Yes, boyfriend?


It's not a mom and dad who are home eating bon bons. It's a couple who's f%$k!

Rob Estes

I am not the kind of girl who can wait until Christmas morning to unwrap her present.