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Whole world's a tree Raylan. I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut.

Next time I reach out to you, I don't care if it's a smiley face, you text me back.

Cassie: I'm not afraid of you.
Boyd: Well in that case ma'am, I think we've misjudged each other.

It's good to know we both speak the same tongues.

Boyd: Well you can trust me.
Wynn: But I don't even trust the way you just now said I could trust you.

People in Harlan County still party on Friday and Saturday night, and get saved on Sunday morning.

Boyd: Noone ever said running a criminal enterprise was gonna be this hard.
Ava: They left that part out on career day.

Raylan: You think it's true what they say?
Boyd: Well what do they say?
Raylan: One bad apple spoils the barrel.

Boyd: Well I guess we best both sleep with one eye open.
Limehouse: I always do.

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