Andrew: I heard you two talking.
Bridget: We really need to get some doors in this place.

Bridget: I thought you were dead.
Malcolm: I thought I was too.

Sometimes it's easier to lie.

Bridget: Please tell me you didn't bake.
Malcolm: Hey, I'm trying to celebrate, not kill you.

Andrew: Will you tell her that's not appropriate attire for the first day of school.
Bridget: It's a little fabric challenged.

Bridget: Getting pregnant is not a strategy.
Olivia: It is if you need to hold on to your husband.

It's a lawsuit waiting to happen!

Bridget: You want some help?
Juliet: I want you to leave me alone.
Bridget: I can do that.

Does a shoe sale at Bergdorf's constitute and emergency?

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