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Thanks for sharing, Spencer. Wow, you really put the 'me' in team.

Lassiter [to Shawn]

Are you, Shawn Spencer, psychic?

Lassiter: If you don't treat O'Hara with the respect she deserves, or you hurt her in any way, I will discharge my pistol.
Shawn: You're saying you'll shoot me?
Lassiter: Repeatedly.

My BABY!!!!

You put some sunglasses on!

What more do you need? I told you she's blonde, and pale, and beautiful and perfect. So get me a name and get me an address and get me some aspirin!

That is a very unusual necklace, and it shows off you clavicle quite well...

Are you a prostitute?

Shawn:I am seeing a woman.
Lassiter: Can you tell me her name? Or is it a secret?

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