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This was not fair. And I was stupid; I acted like it would be.

You like to think you're a good person. Maybe that used to be the case. But we both know you'll do whatever it takes.

We're still treating this like Jihad even if it's an inside job.

I'm a team player. I just wanna do what's right for the firm.

Cary: I don't want you to lose.
Alicia: I know. I don't want you to lose, either.
Cary: I kind of like you.
Alicia: I'm surprised, but I kind of like you, too.

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Good Wife Quotes

Alicia: I'm just so tired of this.
Kalinda: That's what people like Cary count on.

Alicia: No it's just that when you say you're seeing her...I thought she was gay.
Cary: Bi or something.