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[to Pascal] Ah, I sense the stench of romance is in the air.

Oh, Conrad. All the morning papers you flip through and you always skip Page 6.


As Voulez's emissary at today's art walk, I need to run home and slip into something more creative.

Margaux: I assume Satan will want the corner office.
Conrad: I have no intentions of punching a clock--just my son.

[to Lydia] I'm not a simple man to be with but I have a simple question. Do you love me?

Contrary to what they say, the secret to staying happily married is secrecy.

[to Jack] You know, if we can't sell this place, maybe we'll just turn it into a home for wayward boys.

[to Charlotte] Good morning, kitten! It's lovely to have you back in the litter.

You are my guardian angel, Emily. Lord knows where I'd be without you.

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