Jane: What were you doing there?
Korsak: Making our lives harder.

Jane: Is there anything you haven’t seen once before?
Korsak: You cutting me slack.

Jane: Bye, bye alibi.
Korsak: Later, later perpetrator.

Korsak: I've been over this guy's case files and one thing's very clear. He hates women. Last time I looked, you’re a woman.
Jane: It's easy to see how you made detective.

People have gone in the water around here and been swept right out to sea but they weren't Jane Rizzoli.

Jane: What, our killer's a zombie?
Korsak: Could be fun. Probably wouldn't have to morandise him or anything.

Sometimes your blatant disregard for the rules works to my advantage.

Maybe he didn't kill her but not telling anybody she was dead probably disqualifies him for the heck of a good guy award.

I'm saying it because I get to say whatever the hell I want. Nobody asks me for scientific evidence to support it.

Frankie: He didn't seem too shaken up over his boss' death.
Korsak: Which means he's either guilty or he's a 20-year-old street kid who keeps his emotions to him self. I think we should probably figure out which it is.

Korsak: I know he's in my thoughts, he's in my heart and some people would say he's in this room but detective Barry Frost isn't sitting here.
Jane: It's just a chair.

Jane: When did you become so secretive?
Korsak: When did you become so nosy?
Jane: Have you met my mother?