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Eddie: What about this? Is this a nightie?
Jackie: That's a ball gown.
Eddie: It's comfortable.
Jackie: Grab it!

What kind of fu-king character witness am i really? Fu-k a guys wife then pretend to be friends with him?

Coop: We have the same favorite book.
Eddie: I hate to kill the vibe. But lots of people like The Kite Runner.

Jackie is married, you stupid fucking goat.

Akalitus: Welcome back to All Saints.
Eddie: I'm gonna rock this shit.
Akalitus: I wish you wouldn't.

Jackie: Go be with your girlfriend.
Eddie: She's not my girlfriend. You know who my girlfriend is.

Coop: You're right up her alley.
Eddie: Newsflash: I'm up a lot of girls' alleys.
Coop: Did that come out wrong?

Jackie: I am here because I like you. Not because you have drugs.
Eddie: You like me, huh?
Jackie: What do you want me to say, Eddie?
Eddie: What do you think?

Jackie: I love this place, always remembers how I like my coffee.
Eddie: Yes, it remembers all things related to her.

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