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Zoey: So I can totally text you highlights from the trenches every day. Sometimes even pictures.
Gloria: Does my phone get pictures?

It's not like it used to be. Everything I loved about being a nurse is gone.

Gloria: We're having a baby! How's Disneyland?
Jackie: Disneyland sucks.

Akalitus: I know Michelle Obama.
Father: Excuse Me?
Akalitus: You heard me.

Jackie: I don't care what they say. You are not a Grinchy little fucker.
Akalitus: Who's they?
Jackie: That would be me.

Akalitus: No lunch for Thor today. He has to drop all that weight.
Thor: I can hear you.
Akalitus: Still gotta lose all that weight!

Akalitus: Someone may be dying
Coop: The nurses will keep him alive until I get there. That's their job.

Akalitus: Welcome back to All Saints.
Eddie: I'm gonna rock this shit.
Akalitus: I wish you wouldn't.

Akalitus: Zoey Barkow, you want the shift?
Zoey: I'm so flattered.
Akalitus: Don't be here. You just got here first.
Zoey: I'm still flattered.

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