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What do you think a Spencer-O'Hara wedding would look like, Shawn?

Did a hooker will this to you?

I know, I know, my parents were big fans of Hertz Rent-A-Car.


I can't read alive women right now...


Jonathan Taylor Thomas is not an acronym.

Peg H doesn't exist! I am going to kill somebody....

Shawn: I just made a major epiphany. You know my lease is almost up? Right, well, I've been thinking "Shawn, it's time you moved on in your life as a man." It's not just about me anymore.
Juliet: I think that's a very mature thought, Mr. Spencer.
Shawn: So you know what I'm gonna do?...I am gonna move in with my dad....

Shawn: Friend, that's me, I in friend status..
Juliet: Of course, what else would you be, Shawn?

You know, you're gonna make a really handsome baby daddy...

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