Whatever. If it was her, I can't blame her. I am responsible for Jeff's death.

That was supposed to be me. I wanted to jump.

Do we have to go to that dinner tonight? Can I wear my PJ's?

Juliette: My life is so complicated right now.
Noah: That's never bothered me.

It's not too late to change your mind, you can always go back.

Who knew an Oscar nomination would be such a pain in the ass?

Juliette: She is trying to steal my life!
Emily: Why would she do that?

He'd rather drive nine hours on a bus than fly one hour with me?

Oh, it's easy to get 20,000 people to love you.

It's great to have the team back, huh?

I miss... not the movie or anything. Being on stage, and performing, and recording.

I know, I wanted to call. I just was afraid that you wouldn't answer.

Nashville Quotes

I realized that I'm in love with you, Gunnar.


Juliette is the mother of my daughter, she's always gonna be in our lives.