If you needed me, I would drop everything. I know we don't know each other very well but you're my sister and that means something to me.

Dierdra: You're crazy.
Marti: Apparently it runs in my family.

Vanessa: Make no mistake, we are artists.
Alice: We are athletes.
Marti: We are bobble heads.

Marti: It's just dinner.
Wanda: It's never just dinner.

You're looking out for your kid, I get it. It's attractive.

If you don't have first hand knowledge, the past gets jumbled.

I'm a sad loser with daddy issues. At least I can dance.

Thank you Julian, for your belief in me, for always encouraging me to go after what I want.

Savannah believes every tomorrow is better than today and that every day we are a little better than the day before.

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