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You can never trust anyone who spells with dollar signs in their license plates.

Mi casa es suit casa.

I knew this day would come - the hunter has become the hunted.

Mozzie: How did she know someone broke in?
Neal: I don't know - a hundred failed attempts at her key pad?

Mozzie: How often do you say thank you?
Neal: Sarcastically?

Mozzie: I think you'd make a sublime Danny Zuko.
Neal: Not Kenickie?
Mozzie: Please you're not a follower.

Mozzie: Definitely no accident.
Neal: Did you ever think that it was?

Neal: Moz, you okay?
Mozzie: Middle man.
Neal: You might want to rename the "perfect exchange".

Navarro: Who the hell are you? Search him.
Mozzie: I work for Tommy. I'm his intermediary. Hands!

Peter: Where's the little guy?
Mozzie: Suit, I must say, you're timing is impeccable.

Mozzie: Meeting aborted.
Neal: Sounds like the meeting just begun.

I'm friends with many people of unsavory character.

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White Collar Quotes

Mozzie: It's worse, I'm in the system.
Neal: Not quite.
Mozzie: Ivan Bliminse? The invisible man? That's appropriate.

Paradise comes at a price, Mr. Maine.

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