Raina: Maybe you can stay in my room tonight ...
Chris: On the floor?
Raina: There's only one way to find out.

Chris: I'm not cut out for this.
Raina: Is anyone?

Just relax. Listen to the music. Imagine you're in the shower. Shut your eyes. You're in the shower. The water's warm. Can you feel it? Breathe in the heat. The stem. Let the warm water fall ... all around you. Open your eyes.

Raina: How did it go with Claudia?
Chris: Bad. I think. But it's okay. I gave it a shot anyway.
Simon: Be at this address at 1 o'clock.

Chris: You aren't like these people, are you?
Raina: Look who's talking.

Chris: Everyone who lives here's a model?
Raina: Crazy right? You okay?
Chris: Yeah, it's just, everything's moving kinda fast.
Raina: Welcome to New York.

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