[to Chris] If you're looking for compliments, you're in the wrong business. I was once told I was too tall, too short, too fat and too thin all in the same day.


Chris: You screwed me over.
Cole: No. You screwed yourself over.

Sonja: If you have a single decent bone in your body, you won't run it.
Photographer: Well then I wouldn't be a very good businessman now would I?
Sonja: [pauses] I can give you something you can sell for even more.

Isaac: I need three thousand dollars.
Vivienne: How seriously?
Isaac: Very seriously.

Raina: Maybe you can stay in my room tonight ...
Chris: On the floor?
Raina: There's only one way to find out.

Cole: Where is she?
Sonja: With my mom. Where it's safe.
Cole: Who's the father?
Sonja: [silent]

Cole: You only have one chance to get this right. I can set you up with the right photographer.
Chris: Why should I trust you?
Cole: Because I like Raina. And for whatever reason she seems to like you.
Chris: Make the call.

Chris: I'm not cut out for this.
Raina: Is anyone?

Cole: Enjoying your date?
Chris: It's not a date. Simon's just helping me get started.
Cole: Yeah. Pretty sure you're the only one who believes that.

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