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You're talking about no sense of humor. This is funny. I know I'm laughing.

My name is Raylan Givens. I come alone, and with peaceful intent.

Bob: She didn't get too far with that boot on.
Raylan: Luck you stabbed her last time...thinking ahead.

Barkley: I still think you're dirty.
Raylan: Kiss my ass.

Hey little one. You gotta lose the tail, and come out and read about your daddy in the paper.

Lindsey: How's that song go? Look for the rainbow in every storm?
Raylan: I'll have to download that.

Rachel: Are you going to tell me how much money it was or not?
Raylan: I did...it's a goodly sum.

Art: If my stiffy lasts much longer I'm going to have to consult my physician. What's your opinion?
Raylan: On your stiffy? I don't have one.

Kind of hoping it's a girl...end the family line right here.

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