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Roxy: Heads up. When they toast the President, he's not really here.
Gloria: Good to know!

They're soldiers and they have to follow orders. If Trevor says it was the right call, then it was the right call.

Gloria: Thanks for giving me a ride to the pickup spot!
Roxy: No problem. And for the record, it's assembly point, not pickup spot.

I guess the best way that we can honor her now is to be there for each other whenever we fall. Goodbye.

Jackie: You did everything right, Roxy. You kept your head and you got the paramedics there.
Roxy: Just not in time.

Well, I guess we know where your dad is.

Roxy: Really, kidney failure?
Claudia Joy: It's not as bad as it sounds.
Roxy: Kidney failure?

That woman is a bitch on wheels. You should tell your soldier he'd be better off without her.

Country club clothes. Boring little Stepford Wives all in a row. Yeah, that's not me Denise.

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