Heck, Trevor doesn't even have to know Whit was ever here!

Roxy: Are you saying I made a mistake?
Trevor: All I'm saying is I'm glad we don't have to find out.

Pamela: I can only fool around with my fiance once week.
Roxy: Hey, it's more than I'm getting!

Trevor: Rox, my job is here with my men and Jeremy was our first KIA. The guys really need me right now.
Roxy: Yeah, I get it. Just remember, um, we need you, too. I need you. Home and safe, okay?
Trevor: I know.

Roxy: I'm supposed to have everything under control and not worry my soldier. I really have never felt so alone.
Pamela: Hey, you are not alone. And you know that.

Roxy: Pamela, I am really, really sorry. TJ, he just, he didn't mean...
Pamela: Roxy, it's okay.
Roxy: No, Pamela, it's not. My kid hurt your kid; and maybe even on purpose. Hell, I do not know anything any more. I mean, I look at TJ, and where did my little boy go?

Trevor: You're the one at home, so you're the one who's got to keep it together.
Roxy: Yeah, well, you want to tell me how to do that?

Roxy: He kissed you, like really kissed you, like he meant it?
Pamela: Oh yeah, he definitely meant it.
Roxy: So what did you do?
Pamela: Honestly, I don't even know.
Roxy: Did you kiss him back?
Pamela: Maybe, I don't know. I was just so shocked.
Roxy: But you didn't push him away.
Pamela: No.
Roxy: Pamela Moran. You hussy!

It's great having a real family. Even if Trevor is half way around the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm right back where I've always been. Single mom, working in a bar.

Roxy: Oh my God.
Pamela: What? Who is that?
Roxy: That's Finn's dad.

We will have our baby, just not right now.

He wants to knock me up and give away half of Betty's.

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I don't know how to get divorced.


But I don't have breasts yet.


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