Roy: What's going on with Pam?
Jim: Oh, she's good actually.
Roy: Yeah?
Jim: She's, um, she's in New York. She's at an art school.
Roy: Really?
Jim: Yeah, she's doing really well.
Roy: Huh.
Jim: She's engaged, um... to me.
Roy: Congrats, man.
Jim: Oh, thanks man. Appreciate that.
Roy: So Pam's happy?
Jim: Yeah, I'd say she's happy. I mean, she loves her classes. Loves the city. I mean, last night, she was out with her friends, 'til, like, 8:00 a.m.
Roy: Wow.
Jim: What?
Roy: I thought you were a friend.

Roy: Halpert?
Darryl: What's up, Roy?
Jim: Hey man.
Roy: I'm not gonna hit you or anything.
Jim: Oh, I wouldn't ...
Roy: You good?
Jim: I'm good. How you doing?
Roy: I'm good.
Jim: Yeah, okay.
Roy: Hey Darryl, what's happenin'?
Darryl: Oh, what's up, Roy?
Roy: Hey, what's up, guys? How you been?

Roy: Are they going to call the cops?
Kenny: No, I paid them off.
Roy: Jet ski money?
Kenny: All of it.
Roy: I'm gonna kill Jim Halpert.

Pam: Hey, Michael left early, so a bunch of us are going to go to Poor Richard's for happy hour. You should come.
Roy: I can't. My brother, he just unloaded the jet ski's and kinda took a bath, so... we're going to go get hammered.
Pam: Ok, well, we're going to a bar. Hey. You have to come to stuff with me. If you're going to be my boyfriend, you have to do boyfriend things.
Roy: Ok.

Roy: I can't wait for your art show tonight.
Pam: Okay, just so you know, it's just the students from my class in a little studio.
Roy: I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Pam: Thanks.

Roy: Hey.
Pam: Hey.
Roy: I know I normally don't notice these kind of things but uh... This wedding's really nice! I mean, the flowers and stuff? Phyllis has got some great taste.
Pam: You're kidding me, right?
Roy: I know you're probably not going to remember this, right? But um... Those color roses? I got you those color roses for our prom.
Pam: Roy, I picked those flowers. Phyllis just stole all of my ideas for our wedding.
Roy: I, uh, guess I wasn't really too involved in the planning.
Pam: Yeah.

Roy: Hey, remember when we were planning our honeymoon and you wanted to go to Hawaii and I wanted to go to Mexico?
Pam: Yeah.
Roy: I was definitely right.

Roy: [clapping] Mike, you are a rock star, man. You are the man! Well done.
Michael: All right...
Roy: That corporate booty, he likes to hit it!

Michael: Darryl?! Hey. Hi. Where's Darryl?
Roy: He's in the office.
Michael: OK, Hey, man, how's it going?
Darryl: All right, what's up Mike?
Michael: That's great, OK. Um, so did you get an email from me?
Darryl: Yup.
Michael: OK. Well, that was supposed to go to Packer, not "packaging." Did you already, um, forward to a whole bunch of people?
Darryl: Uh huh.
Michael: OK. Um, well, did you get the second email that I sent? Explaining that the first email was a mistake and that you should delete it.
Darryl: Yup.
Michael: And you sent that out to everyone?
Darryl: Mike, I'm very busy down here.

Roy: I'm glad she has a friend at work that she can get through the day with. That way she's not all, "blah blah blah" when she gets home.
Jim: Yeah, I like talking to her too.

Roy: Well, what is your type?
Jim: ... Moms, primarily. Yup. Soccer moms. Single moms. Nascar moms. Any type of mom really.
Kevin: Stay away from my mom...
Jim: Too late, Kev.

The Office Quotes

A little cover up on your adam's apple will make it appear smaller, which will make you look less like a transvestite.

Michael (to Gabe)

Would I rather be feared or loved? Umm...easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.