I'm never apologizing for who I am.

Things were so much easier when I knew what my life was going to look like.

It was great seeing you Dad and...I'm gay.

You're a liar. You're a pathological liar.

Silver [to Adrianna]

Naomi: Isn't this amazing, Teddy?
Teddy: No, this is weird.

Teddy: Would you dance with me?
Marco: Who am I to refuse the king?

Teddy: I think I'm becoming one of those relationship people. Oh my God, I'm lame.
Silver: You are not lame. You're just a good guy who's ready to get back on the relationship burro.
Teddy: Still a horrible expression. But yeah, I think I am.
Silver: It's really great. To getting back on the burro.

Liam: I guess I'm not comfortable with the whole gay thing.
Teddy: Yeah, neither am I.

Glad I came out and all but now I have no friends.

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