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Judd: Five seconds...
Tim (to Raylan): Hey he's stealing your bit.

Tim (to Raylan): You do seem a little tired.
Art: No shit. The question is, why?
Tim: Smart money in the office pool's on exotic dancing.

Raylan: How'd you know that?
Tim: I'm good at my job.

Raylan: I got mad ninja skills buddy.
Tim: Yeah, you know karate?
Raylan: And two other Japanese words.

Raylan: Well I gotta talk to some people....alone..So....Either you let me go, or Im gonna have to give you the slip.
Tim: I love this shit, this shit gets me hard.
Raylan: Well then we both been warned.

Tim: I love this shit. This shit gets me hard.
Raylan: Well, we've both been warned then.

Tim: I feel like I'm in The Big Chill.
Raylan: Except no one's dead...
Tim: Yet.
Rachel: And the music sucks.

So yeah let's go see your ex-wife, girlfriend, whatever it is we're calling her.

Raylan: You found me, I'm impressed.
Tim: Give me a little credit. I'm a professional.

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