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Frank: Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean. Who is neither tarnished or afraid.
Henry: Raymond Chandler?
Frank: His definition of a hero.

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just watced this like a few seconds ago and i came right online to search amazing show


As one who walked those streets for 30+ years, I applaude this show as one that hits so close to home it hurts. I never thought anyone could come up with something better that the old "Law & Order" or my favorite, "Hill Steet Blues". This tops them all. I only hope it stays for the duration and not fade away like so many others.


I saw the show tonight and it hit me in the heart! I've always liked the show but tonight I realized why - it is because of the ideals it represents. As a police office for more than 30 years, to see a show that is realistic in every way strikes a cord deep inside that explains in feelings and emotions why I do what I do better than mere words could ever express. Thank you!


The reason Blue Blood is one I will watch is that the team is "family" and they pray and live as Christians should live...


Tom Selleck needs to stop with the grim forced havy jowel lock. I have always liked Tom, but he needs to show more depth in this show visually, and stop looking like he so somber most of the time. The baby brother rookie cop, is miscast....sorry people, but he is the weak link in an otherwise refreshing and must see (for me) show evry week. The season finally recaped too fast what could have been a 3 episode exceptional finale. But good try in one episode.


As a former state trooper, thank you for a program that demonstrates the integrity, honor and bravery of what a police officer should be. I watched your season finale episode and found it a tribute to fellow police officers who have given their lives in serving their fellow man. It is also refreshing to watch a program that honors God and his influence in our lives.


After honoring the Nation's fallen heroes at Washington, D.C. at the Police Memorial, as well as the Police Unity Tour and the Candlelight Vigil and a trip to Arlington National Cemetery to honor our fallen Brother Sgt. Maj. Robert James Cottle (LAPD SWAT) I found your final episode a closure inspiring hour. Thank you for your "Blue Bloods" Integrity, Character and for finding the exactly perfect characters to portray our heroes, from the entire Nation's Law Enforcement. Sincerely, Chaplain Ron Carter LAPD (Senior LEad Officer-Active) Grace to you!

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Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Sit up straight. Here come the nice detectives.


Jackie: Well in a building like this, "Police don't move."
Danny: Even the cockroaches run the other way.