Hardison: I don't like lying to them Nate, especially Parker.
Nate: It's for the best. Everything set?
Hardison: Almost. Locking in the money right now. You sure about this?
Nate: All good things come to an end Hardison. By the way, thank you.

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Leverage Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Eliot: Well, you just can't setup shop in the back of someone's restaurant.
Hardison: Of course not. That's why I bought the Microbrewery. What? No he didn't?
Parker: Yes, he did.
Hardison: We brew our own beer now.
Parker: Yeah, and we are calling it, Thief Juice. Tastes like bad guys.

Sophie: Excuse me, what is this place?
Hardison: Oh This? This is Leverage Inc. Portland branch, come on baby.