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Hotch: Looks like they weren't very successful criminals.
Strauss: Maybe adding a woman to their team improved their game.
Reid: The woman kills a different type of victim every time. It's not just the security guard. A mother, a manager and a young child.
JJ: She shoots them in the gut. They bleed out while they rob the bank.
Prentiss: She's sadistic. She gets off on her victims pain and the fear and insights in those around her.

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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 23 Quotes

Morgan: What are you afraid the place is going to fall down?
Prentiss: I'm afraid it's never going to be as strong as it was.
Morgan: OK somebody's heart isn't into it. What's going on?
Prentiss: I don't know. When I first came here, I felt like I was home. And now, it's just an uphill battle. People kill for opportunities like this. Am I crazy?
Morgan: You've got to do what's best for you. Follow your gut. What's it trying to tell you?

Garcia: Kevin brought another woman. I'm plotting revenge. Do you want to help?
Agent Rossi: No. Now you know I love you both, but this is Saturday and it is my day off. I prefer to love you from afar. So, have fun. It's my bedtime.
Dr. Reid: It's 9am.
Rossi: You're judging me?

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