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Sacrifice demands the surrender of things we cherish above all else. Only out of the agony of those losses can a new resolution be born. An undying devotion to a cause greater than one's self. And a moral duty to see a journey through to its absolute completion.


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I'm a big Moroccan fan of revenge , I'm a twenty-two years old student at university, I study English literature, so honestly every day i learn a lot from Revenge as a native American TV series , Thank you so much

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Conrad: Congratulations, Victoria. With one bullet you've slaughtered us all.
Victoria: The bitch had it coming.

Sacrifice by its strictest definition takes something precious for the appeasement of a higher power, an abiding devotion to a cause that cannot be satisfied with a simple promise. Because an oath, no matter how solemn, asks nothing in return while true sacrifice demands unspeakable loss.