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Caroline: You want to hug me don't you?
Max: Yea
Caroline: But you're not gonna.
Max: Yes I am. If you unzip my shirt I'm gonna be pissed! Impressed, but pissed.

I'm sorry I wasn't listening. I was staring at my new boyfriend over there. I want to make out with it!


Caroline: It's the new trend. Mini stores pop up and sell stuff, and then they're gone.
Max: Trend? Drug dealers have been doing that for years!

Jeffery: And so sorry to hear about your father being a criminal and you being penniless, and all that ugliness. But it kind of karma. You are where you are now, and I'm back on top.
Max: Look Jeffrey, I know we just met, but there's no way you're a top.

Seeing you in your natural habitat is so disturbing.


Max: Whoa, did you just ask me to marry you?
Caroline: You could do worse.

Do not tell me what to do. I was working here when you were still a dumpling on your father's chopstick.


Why are we throwing fire at an oven? Is this a poor people game?

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