Here's to another successful operation by the Best Friends Gang.


In school, all you learn about Abraham Lincoln is that he was a gay alcoholic.


Jack: Our new slogan, NBC: We have a magical horse, is testing...okay.

Idiots aren't just strippers, or stay at home moms.


Criss: I don't understand your relationship with Liz...
Jack: She's my subordifriend.

These microphones look like black ice cream cones.


My ringtone is the chicken dance. If I answer it, I won't hear the whole song!


Banks: NBC is the Titanic.
Jack: The highest grossing movie of all time?

Criss: You don't use the tab closers on cereal boxes.
Liz: If you think those are doing anything to seal in freshness, you are living in a fantasy world, pal.

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